Reactive Rover Class

Do you have a Reactive Rover at your home? 

When on a walk does your dog?
  • bark
  • lunge
  • hide
  • growl
  • stare
  • become tense 
We know first hand what a stressful situation this can be. 

At Sit n Stay we offer 2 solutions for reactive dog owners - 
  1. Our Day Training program where we work with your dog individually to get the behavior under control and then pass the leash to you to continue maintaining the new good behaviors.
  2. Our new Reactive Rovers class!
If you are interested in our Day Training Program, please check out this page ( for additional information and then email us for a consultation at [email protected]
Reactive Rover Class:
Learn how to calm, manage and re-direct your dog's lunging, barking and jumping using skills that work!

This program has 2 primary goals:

  1. to provide you, the owner, with skills to understand, evaluate and train your pup and then adjust the situation to deal with challenges that may arise
  2. to teach your dog life skills that they need to live in the world that currently makes them react

We want to give you more than a few exercises that you can use- these are long lasting SKILLS that help you and your pup for the long term.

Reactive Rovers Class:

  • 6 week program taught by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer plus qualified assistants
  • receive access to our private client-only FB group for discussion and questions in between class
  • weekly homework to guide you through the program
  • weekly videos to help remind you of proper techniques in between in-person classes (coming soon!)
  •  $395

If interested please fill out the application below to get started!


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At Sit n' Stay, we use all positive reinforcement methods and stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and trends by attending conferences and seminars for both dog training and pet sitting. Our entire staff is trained initially and on-going through our exclusive Sit n' Stay Academy (our platform of knowledge and hands-on training program for pet professionals) as well as Pet First Aid trained.